Homecoming Aurora Borealis!

After driving over 4,000 miles during the past two weeks, and visiting some fantastic locations including Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, and Durango, Colorado deep in the Rocky Mountains, Molly and I arrived home yesterday afternoon. Although I was tired from all the driving, and looking forward to a night in my own bed, when the Northern Lights numbers popped I had to head to a frozen lake and hope Lady Aurora would dance. It was a fine performance. She did not disappoint. For ten minutes shortly after 10 pm the light show was spectacular. The refrozen melt water out on the lake ice made for cool reflections.

I then move over to NW Wisconsin to the Davidson Windmill, and hoped for a repeat performance. However, when the 2 am hour approached I realized it was to be a one dance night and I contented myself with a starscape “green glow” image at the windmill.

Lady Aurora Dancing Over Boulder Lake … 25 miles north of Duluth

A Few Minutes Later¬†… more rays / spikes but less light

Ten Minutes Before Lady Aurora Came out to Dance … intense light

The Davidson Windmill Starscape Green Glow

Delightful Durango and the Molas Pass

As my faithful readers know, I hate interstate highways. Thus, I chose US-160 to take us through the mountains from the Grand Canyon to the Great Plains. During our drive we stumbled on the delightful mountain town of Durango. Given a perfect weather forecast, we decided to hang in Durango for an extra day which meant we had a full day to enjoy the area. Wow! And I repeat wow!

This morning Molly ran and I cycled. Midday we hiked together. This afternoon we took it easy and drove US #550 between Durango and Silverton through the Molas Pass.

Twas truly a fantastic day which was enhanced by staying at a great small motel owned and now 100% run by Nigel and Tammy, The Adventure Inn.¬†Today was the one year anniversary of their purchase, and the day of breaking free from the chain Knight’s Inn. They are investing significant sweat and financial equity. Our room was super clean, near many trails, had blistering fast internet and modestly priced. Both Nigel and Tammy were a wealth of local information which as noted earlier made for a Delightful Day in Durango … including this drive to Silverton.

Driving up to the Molas Pass … Molly’s pic from the passenger seat of our car.

The Molas Pass!

Me Coming Down off my Photographic Perch

Biking and Birding Higher than a Helicopter!

Yesterday Molly and I biked higher than a helicopter! Need proof … check out my photos! We started our ride at 6,800 feet above sea level in the Grand Canyon Village, and then climbed another 650 feet while cycling 20 miles. As noted, we were above the helicopters! In addition to some fantastic vistas, I acquired a new lifer, the Juniper Titmouse.

Biking Higher than Helicopters

The Juniper Titmouse

Molly, our Bikes, and one Vista

Birds like home … White Breasted Nuthatch