Aurora Borealis by Bicycle!

As I write this Molly and I have complete 549 miles of our Liberation Bicycle Tour. The name derives from the fact that as of 6 weeks ago, all of our children are married and have jobs. Thus, as parents we are liberated!?

Two days ago we cycled from near the Straits of Mackinac to Drummond, Island in Lake Huron. Shortly before moonrise around 10 pm, the Aurora danced in the skies. While it was a challenge to photograph the Northern Lights without my top lens, I still like the results. Wish I had thought to bring my bicycle into the image before the bright moon started to wash out the Northern Lights. Oh well … enjoying our first rest day in two weeks while watching freighters lock through from Lake Superior to Huron (or vice versa).

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The images in this post … reverse order … night to sunrise

  • Biking the Aurora
  • Northern Lights Spikes
  • 30 Minutes After Sunset on Lake Huron
  • A Remote Lake Huron Beach
  • Ouch … A New, but Defective Tire (biked 90 miles more on this tire)
  • Sunrise Over Lake Huron … Our Campsite Dock

And answering the question, “Where’s Waldo?”, or in this case, Rich and Molly.img_0689

Great American Truck Parade!

It was hot yesterday … topping out at 80 degrees plus high humidity. After cycling 60 miles and arriving at Mackinaw City we wanted a shower. However, due to the Great American Truck Parade, no motel rooms were available. Luckily after 15 phone calls we scored a room across the Mackinaw Bridge and a couple more miles of cycling.

As we biked through St. Ignace, the parked/displayed trucks were quite impressive. An hour after sunset we set up next to the highway to watch the Great American Truck Parade … and we waited … and we waited … and we waited. It appeared that the only excitement would be when some other folk got drenched by the motel sprinkler system.

Eureka! Air Horn City! All is not lost. The Great American Truck Parade finally arrived at 10 pm. Cool sight … highly polished huge rigs here for a truck show parading through the night with all their lights shining (over 200) and air horns blaring. The entire group went over and back to Mackinaw City on the Straits of Mackinaw Bridge.

Oh yes … this is a bird blog … thus I’ve included two bird pics!! Ducks at Dawn from this morning, and our national bird from three mornings ago. However, I wanted to give readers a taste of the unexpected Molly and I are experiencing on this ride. As of this afternoon we are camped out on Lake Huron about 60 miles SW of Sault St. Marie.

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  • Great American Truck Parade
  • Molly Watching this Morning’s Sunrise
  • Ducks at Dawn
  • Our National Bird